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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Karl Mosler, 2 books
Friedrich Schmid, 2 books
Siegfried K. Berninghaus, 2 books
Karl-Martin Ehrhart, 2 books
Werner Güth, 2 books
Bernhard Kawohl, 1 book
Volker Nollau, 1 book
Sunil Kumar Agrawal, 1 book
Forgó, Ferenc., 1 book
Knut Sydsaeter, 1 book
O. Pironneau, 1 book
Ding-Zhu Du, 1 book
J. Mockus, 1 book
Gintaras Reklaitis, 1 book
P.M. Pardalos, 1 book
S.K. Agrawal, 1 book
B.C. Fabien, 1 book
Ferenc Forgó, 1 book
Jeno Szép, 1 book
F. Szidarovszky, 1 book
Bernd Luderer, 1 book
Weili Wu, 1 book
Klaus D. Schmidt, 1 book
Alice Koziol, 1 book
Dan Mulligan, 1 book


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