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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gail Sheehy, 7 books
M. Scott Peck, 7 books
Abe Arkoff, 5 books
Jeff Kinney, 5 books
Jeff Kinney, 4 books
Robert R. McCrae, 3 books
David Abrahamsen, 3 books
Matilda White Riley, 3 books
Edgar A. Doll, 3 books
Robert Epstein, 3 books
Sharan B. Merriam, 3 books
Karen Rivers, 3 books
Douglas H. Heath, 3 books
Nelson Goud, 3 books
Paul Rosenfels, 2 books
Jean Liedloff, 2 books
Shirley Gehrke Luthman, 2 books
Walter J. Limbacher, 2 books
Vincent O'Connell, 2 books
Franklin Julius Shaw, 2 books
David G. Benner, 2 books
Paulette Bourgeois, 2 books
Jose Stevens, 2 books
Shaun Alexander, 2 books
J.-P Boutinet, 2 books


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