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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sunzi, 8 books
Charles Whiting, 8 books
Charles R. Shrader, 4 books
Charles Heyman, 4 books
Ian Hogg, 4 books
David Nicolle, 3 books
Tim Newark, 3 books
Jeffrey Ethell, 3 books
Norman Franks, 3 books
Yves Debay, 3 books
David Chandler, 3 books
Norman Davies, 3 books
Robert Doughty, 3 books
Roy K. Flint, 2 books
Gardiner, Samuel Rawson, 2 books
Michael Kidron, 2 books
Brian Cull, 2 books
Chaim Herzog, 2 books
James M. McPherson, 2 books
Melvin Small, 2 books
John Man, 2 books
Roger Pineau, 2 books
Jeffrey L. Ethell, 2 books
Ian V. Hogg, 2 books
Martin L. Van Creveld, 2 books


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