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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lawrence Kohlberg, 8 books
Robert Coles, 6 books
Jean Piaget, 5 books
William Damon, 4 books
Michael Riera, 4 books
Carol Gilligan, 4 books
James R. Rest, 4 books
William M. Kurtines, 3 books
Judith G. Smetana, 3 books
George F. McLean, 3 books
Daniel K. Lapsley, 3 books
Georg Lind, 3 books
Thomas E. Wren, 3 books
Gordon J. Schochet, 2 books
S. P. Vinokurova, 2 books
Richard T. Knowles, 2 books
André Guindon, 2 books
Briggs, William J., 2 books
Kurt Bergling, 2 books
James S. Leming, 2 books
R. S. Peters, 2 books
Elliot Turiel, 2 books
J. Eugene Wright, 2 books
Mary M. Wilcox, 2 books
Ronald A. Howard, 2 books


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