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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeff Savage, 4 books
Pavel Husák, 3 books
Matt Doeden, 3 books
Janey Levy, 3 books
Bryan Stealey, 3 books
Jack David, 3 books
Jean-Louis Bernardelli, 2 books
Connie Colwell Miller, 2 books
Thomas K. Adamson, 2 books
Jim Mezzanotte, 2 books
Ken Faught, 2 books
Garth Milan, 2 books
Jack David, 2 books
Davey Coombs, 2 books
Donnie Bales, 2 books
John Perritano, 2 books
Lori Polydoros, 2 books
Ashley Fiolek, 2 books
Gary Freeman, 2 books
Patrick G. Cain, 2 books
Frank Melling, 2 books
S. X. Carser, 1 book
Don Morley, 1 book
Harriette Sheffer Abels, 1 book
Paul Estrem, 1 book


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