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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pete Best, 3 books
Roag Best, 2 books
Rory Best, 2 books
Daniel Lombardy, 2 books
Joe Esposito, 2 books
Tony Bacon, 2 books
Tony Bacon, 2 books
John Shearlaw, 1 book
Eric Burdon, 1 book
Rosemary Kingsland, 1 book
Pete Townshend, 1 book
Simon Wells, 1 book
Patrick Doncaster, 1 book
Robert Fitzpatrick, 1 book
Alice Cooper, 1 book
Tim Morse, 1 book
Simon Reynolds, 1 book
Ruth Gruber, 1 book
Presley Love, 1 book
John Lennon, 1 book
Alex Ogg, 1 book
Richard Barnes, 1 book
Ariel, 1 book
Kent Zimmerman, 1 book
Keith Zimmerman, 1 book


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