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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
W. Michael Gear, 16 books
Kathleen O'Neal Gear, 16 books
Dave Sargent, 6 books
Barbara A. Gray-Kanatiiosh, 4 books
Madeline Baker, 3 books
Marsha McIntosh, 3 books
Marion Wood, 3 books
Sue Rogers, 3 books
James Lincoln Collier, 3 books
Gloria Dominic, 3 books
Pat Sargent, 3 books
Kenneth McIntosh, 2 books
Johnson, Craig, 2 books
Molly Aloian, 2 books
Tammy Gagne, 2 books
Rob Staeger, 2 books
Stefanie Takacs, 2 books
Trumbull, John, 2 books
Joseph Bruchac, 2 books
Brendan January, 2 books
Arthur Miller, 2 books
Christin Ditchfield, 2 books
Richard M. Ketchum, 2 books
William R. Sanford, 2 books
Janet Beeler Shaw, 2 books


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