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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Speer, Albert, 13 books
Philip Kerr, 8 books
Guido Knopp, 8 books
Manvell, Roger, 5 books
David Chotjewitz, 4 books
Anthony Read, 4 books
Michele Lang, 4 books
Ronald M. Smelser, 4 books
Osamu Tezuka, 3 books
Norman Ohler, 3 books
Edouard Calic, 3 books
K. A. Zalesskiĭ, 3 books
Michael Rademacher, 3 books
Heinrich Breloer, 3 books
Peter Longerich, 3 books
Richard Overy, 3 books
Susan Elia MacNeal, 3 books
Walter Schellenberg, 3 books
Miroslav Ivanov, 3 books
William Goldman, 3 books
Stanley Pottinger, 3 books
John T. Lauridsen, 3 books
Martin P. Davidson, 3 books
Rainer Zitelmann, 3 books
Peter R. Black, 3 books


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