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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mary Daheim, 15 books
Gore Vidal, 11 books
Jon G. Udell, 6 books
Jeffrey Archer, 5 books
Marcus Alonzo Hanna, 5 books
Tom Bower, 5 books
Janet Evanovich, 4 books
S. V. T͡Sukasov, 3 books
Henry Charlton Beck, 3 books
Carly Phillips, 3 books
Malcolm Hall, 3 books
Chris Frost, 3 books
Sweden. Dagspresskommittén., 3 books
Susan E. Tifft, 3 books
Sidney Sheldon, 3 books
Karen English, 3 books
A. J. Liebling, 3 books
Michael Leapman, 3 books
Judy Pace Christie, 3 books
Katharine Graham, 3 books
James N. Dertouzos, 3 books
Tom Rachman, 3 books
W. A. Swanberg, 3 books
Guy Delorme, 2 books
Jason Rogers, 2 books


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