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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
L. M. Montgomery, 5 books
David Gilmour, 3 books
Mollie Gillen, 2 books
Hugh MacLennan, 2 books
Ruth Panofsky, 2 books
Lawrence J. Burpee, 1 book
Alison Feder, 1 book
Herb Wyile, 1 book
Sheila Hailey, 1 book
Robert Cluett, 1 book
Jane Urquhart, 1 book
Laurence, Margaret., 1 book
Eric Wright, 1 book
Barbara Meadowcroft, 1 book
Harry Bruce, 1 book
Eric Koch, 1 book
Robert Lecker, 1 book
Timothy Findley, 1 book
Jack Hodgins, 1 book
Daniel Bratton, 1 book
Sheryl Salloum, 1 book
Clark Blaise, 1 book
Claude Bissell, 1 book
J. R. Tim Struthers, 1 book
Gary Boire, 1 book


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