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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Fausto Saleri, 3 books
Yvon Maday, 3 books
A. Quarteroni, 3 books
Alfio Quarteroni, 3 books
Philip B. Carona, 2 books
Christine Bernardi, 2 books
Riccardo Sacco, 2 books
Jozsef Sándor, 2 books
Borislav Crstici, 2 books
Claude Lemaréchal, 2 books
K. Eriksson, 2 books
D. Estep, 2 books
Jacques-Louis Lions, 2 books
F. Saleri, 2 books
A.A. Samarskij, 2 books
E.S. Nikolaev, 2 books
Christian Kanzow, 2 books
Isaac Asimov, 2 books
David Stienecker, 2 books
Carl Geiger, 2 books
Johnson, C., 2 books
Robert Dautray, 2 books
Scott A. Vanstone, 1 book
Claes Johnson, 1 book
John Wahl, 1 book


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