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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
M.E. Mascart, 3 books
Hugh D. Young, 2 books
Johannes Kepler, 2 books
Rémy Annequin, 2 books
M. H. Freeman, 1 book
Miles V. Klein, 1 book
René Descartes, 1 book
Henry John Steffens, 1 book
Mike Freeman, 1 book
M. Gabriel, 1 book
Vasco Ronchi, 1 book
John Naish Goldsmith, 1 book
George W. Stroke, 1 book
Robert Taton, 1 book
Georges Bruhat, 1 book
Harvey White, 1 book
Emil Wolf, 1 book
Eugene Hecht, 1 book
François Roddier, 1 book
Christopher Hull, 1 book
M. Henry, 1 book
Keith C. Heidorn, 1 book
Alain Blanchard, 1 book
K. Wolf, 1 book
C. V. Raman, 1 book


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