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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Philip M. Parker, 44 books
James N. Parker, 34 books
James N. Parker, 18 books
Mark D. Miller, 10 books
Royal Whitman, 8 books
A. Graham Apley, 8 books
Albert Hoffa, 7 books
ICON Health Publications, 7 books
Paul Tornetta, 7 books
Philip M. Parker, 7 books
Georg Hohmann, 6 books
Mihran O. Tachdjian, 6 books
James Henry Cyriax, 6 books
Chad Starkey, 5 books
John Crawford Adams, 5 books
Mark Dutton, 5 books
Thomas A Einhorn, 5 books
S. Brent Brotzman, 5 books
Ronald McRae, 5 books
Robert Jones, 5 books
Paul D. Sponseller, 5 books
Raoul Tubiana, 4 books
Mercer Rang, 4 books
Max David, 4 books
Lewis Nathan Cozen, 4 books


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