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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Donald Spoto, 5 books
Francois Truffaut, 4 books
Slavoj Žižek, 4 books
Alfred Hitchcock, 4 books
Thomson, David, 3 books
Robert Graysmith, 3 books
Bill Krohn, 2 books
Wood, Robin, 2 books
Leonard J. Leff, 2 books
Eric Rohmer, 2 books
William Rothman, 2 books
François Truffaut, 2 books
György Báron, 2 books
Hume Cronyn, 2 books
Boyd, David, 1 book
Richard J. Anobile, 1 book
Marc Strauss, 1 book
William A. Drumin, 1 book
David Greven, 1 book
Philip J. Skerry, 1 book
Patricia Pisters, 1 book
Gordon, Douglas, 1 book
Weis, Elisabeth, 1 book
Michael S. Lasky, 1 book
Harris, Robert A., 1 book


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