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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Béla Bartók, 21 books
Benjamin Suchoff, 9 books
Erno Lendvai, 8 books
Szabolcsi, Bence, 8 books
Lendvai, Ernő., 6 books
Malcolm Gillies, 6 books
Kárpáti, János., 5 books
Tallián, Tibor., 5 books
Agatha Fassett, 4 books
Halsey Stevens, 4 books
Elliott Antokoletz, 4 books
Bónis, Ferenc., 4 books
Denijs Dille, 4 books
Demény, János., 3 books
Kroó, György., 3 books
Lajos Lesznai, 3 books
Ferenc Bónis, 3 books
Jean Gergely, 3 books
Bárdos, Lajos., 2 books
Frank, Oszkár., 2 books
Serge Moreux, 2 books
Emil Haraszti, 2 books
Nádor, Tamás., 2 books
Kovács, Sándor, 2 books
John W. Downey, 2 books


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