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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chinua Achebe, 5 books
Bernth Lindfors, 4 books
G. D. Killam, 3 books
Ernest Emenyo̲nu, 3 books
Catherine Lynette Innes, 3 books
Robert M. Wren, 2 books
Arthur Ravenscroft, 2 books
Kalu Ogbaa, 2 books
Ode Ogede, 2 books
Donald Burness, 2 books
Sara Constantakis, 2 books
Parker, Michael, 2 books
Harold Bloom, 2 books
M. L. Volʹpe, 2 books
J. Hinderink, 1 book
B. M. Okpu, 1 book
Lyn Reese, 1 book
Arthur Kemoli, 1 book
Benedict Chiaka Njoku, 1 book
Leonard A. Podis, 1 book
Iniobong I. Uko, 1 book
John Clement Ball, 1 book
Nahem Yousaf, 1 book
Olakunle George, 1 book
Anjali Gera, 1 book


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