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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mick Rock, 3 books
Dave Thompson, 3 books
Kevin Cann, 3 books
Shelton Waldrep, 2 books
Marc Spitz, 2 books
Barry Miles, 2 books
Paolo Hewitt, 2 books
Paul Trynka, 2 books
Nicholas Pegg, 2 books
Simon Critchley, 2 books
George Tremlett, 2 books
Peter Doggett, 2 books
Mark Paytress, 2 books
Gutman, David, 2 books
Sean Egan, 2 books
Geoff Docherty, 2 books
Virtual Alien, 2 books
Nick Peterson, 2 books
Sean Mayes, 2 books
A. C. H. Smith, 1 book
Rebecca Grand, 1 book
Jérôme Soligny, 1 book
Steve Gett, 1 book
Evans, Mike, 1 book
Esteban Leivas, 1 book


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