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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas, Edward, 17 books
Thomas, Helen, 8 books
William Cooke, 3 books
Eleanor Farjeon, 3 books
Robert P. Eckert, 2 books
Matthew Hollis, 2 books
Vernon Scannell, 2 books
Robert Paul Eckert, 2 books
Jan Marsh, 2 books
Moore, John, 2 books
H. Coombes, 1 book
Robert Frost, 1 book
Lehmann, John, 1 book
E. Thomas, 1 book
Thomas, R. George., 1 book
Simon Grimble, 1 book
Hans Ulrich Seeber, 1 book
James Guthrie, 1 book
Stuart Sillars, 1 book
Edward Thomas, 1 book
Thomas, Helen Noble Mrs., 1 book
Rennie Parker, 1 book
Jeremy Hooker, 1 book
Edna Longley, 1 book
Barker, Jonathan, 1 book


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