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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zeng, Guofan, 24 books
Haoming Tang, 6 books
Lin Shi, 4 books
Ding'an Wang, 4 books
Qitian Chen, 3 books
Lieren Sima, 3 books
Xiaojun Cheng, 3 books
Daozong Ma, 3 books
Li, Shuchang, 2 books
Dong'an Zhu, 2 books
Mengchun Yi, 2 books
Jin Cheng, 2 books
Yanzhen Wang, 2 books
Lin Shi, 2 books
Zhao, Hong., 1 book
Tao, Xingzhi, 1 book
Xu, Zhimo, 1 book
Wang, Zhiping., 1 book
Yu, Dafu, 1 book
Yan, Fu, 1 book
Dong, Caishi., 1 book
Yishan Xiao, 1 book
Hail, William James, 1 book
Guangming Fu, 1 book
Shusen Hou, 1 book


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