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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marshall Burchard, 3 books
Sam Epstein, 3 books
Clare Gault, 3 books
Hank Aaron, 3 books
Albert Hirshberg, 2 books
Matt Tavares, 2 books
Peter Golenbock, 2 books
Mike Leonetti, 1 book
Serena Kappes, 1 book
Sandy Tolan, 1 book
Howard Bryant, 1 book
Mike Kennedy, 1 book
David Shiner, 1 book
Tom Stanton, 1 book
Kimberly Noel Sweet, 1 book
Milton J. Shapiro, 1 book
James Hahn, 1 book
B. E. Young, 1 book
Don Money, 1 book
Jeff Rubin, 1 book
Jerry Brondfield, 1 book
F. M. Milverstedt, 1 book
Frank Gault, 1 book
Sullivan, George, 1 book
James Haskins, 1 book


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