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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Helen Keller, 38 books
Gibson, William, 10 books
Lorena A. Hickok, 4 books
Margaret Davidson, 4 books
Jane Polcovar, 3 books
Gérard Harry, 3 books
Lash, Joseph P., 3 books
Van Wyck Brooks, 3 books
Ann Donegan Johnson, 2 books
Jane Sutcliffe, 2 books
Garrett, Leslie, 2 books
Kim E. Nielsen, 2 books
David A. Adler, 2 books
Bennett Wayne, 2 books
Dorothy Herrmann, 2 books
Kathleen V. Kudlinski, 2 books
Margo Lundell, 2 books
Anne Bancroft, 2 books
Rosie Sultan, 2 books
Francene Sabin, 2 books
Stewart Graff, 2 books
Catherine Owens Peare, 2 books
Walter Pause, 1 book
Lewis, Joseph, 1 book
Irineu Monteiro, 1 book


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