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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yi, Hwang, 7 books
Chang-tʻae Kŭm, 5 books
Myŏng-jong Yu, 3 books
U-rak Chŏng, 3 books
Yu-hyŏk Kim, 3 books
Tae-sŭng Ki, 2 books
Chong-sul Yi, 2 books
Chae-mok Chʻoe, 2 books
Chŏng, Pi-sŏk, 1 book
Sung-bae Park, 1 book
Zhang, Liwen., 1 book
Wang, Su., 1 book
Lingyin Gao, 1 book
Ka-wŏn Yi, 1 book
Sun-mok Chŏng, 1 book
Kitarō Nishida, 1 book
U-sŏng Yi, 1 book
Sŏng-han Kim, 1 book
Mu-song Chʻae, 1 book
Ik Cho, 1 book
Yŏng-sik Son, 1 book
Ho-tʻae Kim, 1 book
Kwŏn-su Hŏ, 1 book
Hyŏng-hyo Kim, 1 book
Sang-ŭn Yi, 1 book


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