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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Virtual Alien, 3 books
Nick Peterson, 3 books
Molly Aloian, 2 books
Johnny Morgan, 2 books
Heidi Krumenauer, 2 books
Maureen Callahan, 2 books
Erwan Chuberre, 2 books
Matt Doeden, 1 book
Paula Johanson, 1 book
Sarah Tieck, 1 book
Judith Halberstam, 1 book
Aaron Frisch, 1 book
Jackie Huba, 1 book
Anita Yasuda, 1 book
Terry Richardson, 1 book
Emily Herbert, 1 book
Katie Marsico, 1 book
Bridget Heos, 1 book
Elizabeth Goodman, 1 book
Paolo Giovanazzi, 1 book
Richard J. Gray, 1 book
Claire Kreger Boaz, 1 book
Helia Phoenix, 1 book
Sarah E. Parvis, 1 book
V.A., 1 book


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