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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Auguste Renoir, 9 books
Ambroise Vollard, 3 books
Denis Rouart, 2 books
Gaunt, William, 2 books
Walter Pach, 2 books
Nancy Nunhead, 2 books
R. H. Wilenski, 2 books
Raymond Cogniat, 2 books
Renoir, Jean, 2 books
François Fosca, 2 books
Paul Haesaerts, 2 books
Raymond Cogniat, 1 book
Albert C. Barnes, 1 book
André, Albert., 1 book
Germain Bazin, 1 book
Bruno F. Schneider, 1 book
François Daulte, 1 book
Colin Hayes, 1 book
Derek Fell, 1 book
François Fosca, 1 book
Loys Delteil, 1 book
Anne Distel, 1 book
Rosamund Frost, 1 book
Marc Elder, 1 book
Janice Anderson, 1 book


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