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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 12 books
Russell E. Train, 3 books
Linda Griffiths, 3 books
Walter Stewart, 3 books
Gérard Bergeron, 3 books
J. L. Granatstein, 3 books
Margaret Trudeau, 2 books
Douglas Stuebing, 2 books
Tom Axworthy, 2 books
Sullivan, Martin, 2 books
Cohen, Andrew, 2 books
Max Nemni, 2 books
Larry Zolf, 2 books
Richard J. Gwyn, 2 books
Guy Laforest, 2 books
Gérard Pelletier, 2 books
English, John, 2 books
Couture, Claude, 2 books
James Laxer, 2 books
Lubor Jan Zink, 2 books
John D. Harbron, 2 books
Ed Broadbent, 1 book
Donald J. Johnston, 1 book
Thomas G. Butson, 1 book
Jacques Cousineau, 1 book


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