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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Plotinus, 29 books
Kevin Corrigan, 7 books
A. H. Armstrong, 7 books
Lev Shestov, 5 books
Arthur Drews, 4 books
Henry, Paul, 4 books
Émile Bréhier, 4 books
Pierre Hadot, 4 books
Michel Fattal, 4 books
Inge, William Ralph, 3 books
Jean Trouillard, 3 books
Porphyry, 3 books
Édouard Krakowski, 3 books
Arthur Richter, 3 books
Jean Michel Charrue, 3 books
Werner Beierwaltes, 3 books
Jean-Marc Narbonne, 3 books
John M. Rist, 3 books
Bruno Salmona, 3 books
René Arnou, 3 books
Jérôme Laurent, 3 books
O'Brien, Denis, 3 books
Maria Di Pasquale Barbanti, 3 books
G. R. S. Mead, 3 books
Franz Koch, 2 books


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