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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Qingxiang Wang, 7 books
Pu Yi, 6 books
Qingxiang Wang, 4 books
Shuxian Li, 3 books
Puyi, 3 books
John Gilbert Reid, 2 books
Yōko Irie, 2 books
Jian'an Zhang, 2 books
Degui Liu, 2 books
Jirō Asada, 2 books
Guoxiong Li, 2 books
Johnston, Reginald Fleming Sir, 2 books
Brian Power, 1 book
Arnold C. Brackman, 1 book
Fengxia Xin, 1 book
Neville John Iröns, 1 book
Yamakawa, Akira, 1 book
Zhou, Junshi, 1 book
Power, Brian., 1 book
Behr, Edward, 1 book
Arnaud d' Antin de Vaillac, 1 book
Shuxian Li, 1 book
Yinghua Jia, 1 book
Wenda Li, 1 book
Youfa Yu, 1 book


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