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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sholem Aleichem, 32 books
Aryeh Aharoni, 4 books
Dan Miron, 3 books
Nachman Mayzel, 2 books
D. Labkovski, 2 books
Samuel Niger, 2 books
Marie Waife-Goldberg, 2 books
Arnold Perl, 2 books
Louis Falstein, 2 books
Joel Entin, 2 books
Yitzḥak Dov Berkowitz, 2 books
J. J. Trunk, 2 books
Chone Shmeruk, 2 books
Maurice Samuel, 2 books
Yiśraʼel Barṭal, 1 book
Zalman Shneour, 1 book
Mark, Bernard, 1 book
Getzel Kressel, 1 book
A. Golomb, 1 book
Henry Bulawko, 1 book
Saul Field, 1 book
Mark Zitnitski, 1 book
Yitzhak Bacon, 1 book
Joseph Butwin, 1 book
Sol Gittleman, 1 book


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