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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tony Blair, 7 books
Anthony Seldon, 3 books
James Naughtie, 2 books
Peter Stothard, 2 books
Peter Mandelson, 2 books
Peter Snowdon, 2 books
Daniel Collings, 2 books
John Rentoul, 2 books
Leo Abse, 2 books
Andrew M. Dorman, 2 books
Florence Faucher-King, 2 books
David Brown, 2 books
Andrew Langley, 2 books
J. B. A. Bailey, 1 book
Nicholas Wood, 1 book
Collins, Thomas M., 1 book
Wilson, Wayne, 1 book
Christian Roudaut, 1 book
Flavio Romano, 1 book
Derek Scott, 1 book
Philippe Sands, 1 book
Jim Claven, 1 book
Oliver J. Daddow, 1 book
David Hencke, 1 book
Philippe Le Corre, 1 book


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