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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Xun Jiang, 5 books
Xueqin Cao, 2 books
Bai, Xianyong, 1 book
Liu, Zaifu, 1 book
Yu, Pingbo, 1 book
Yuan Zhao, 1 book
Fengsong Xie, 1 book
Tieli Xie, 1 book
Shuli Ma, 1 book
Zuxiang Wu, 1 book
Hesen Jiang, 1 book
Lijuan Ou, 1 book
Qiyong Feng, 1 book
Yishu, 1 book
Wen xin gong zuo shi, 1 book
Guoliang Zou, 1 book
Qin Su, 1 book
Lirong Zhao, 1 book
Leiqing Yu, 1 book


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