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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Eryuehe., 4 books
Yang, Qiqiao., 2 books
Jonathan D. Spence, 2 books
Erkang Feng, 2 books
Jian'an Zhang, 2 books
Hengyuan Jin, 2 books
Qiqiao Yang, 2 books
Meng, Sen, 1 book
Ding, Wang., 1 book
Zhuang, Jifa., 1 book
Qiu, Shiliang., 1 book
Silas H. L. Wu, 1 book
Kangxi Emperor of China, 1 book
Aimin Yan, 1 book
Peiqin Wang, 1 book
Wenhua Luo, 1 book
Dongyu Ma, 1 book
Xinfeng Liu, 1 book
Hui Zhao, 1 book
Yanshi Ding, 1 book
Liangnu Feng, 1 book
Yan Zhang, 1 book
Ao Li, 1 book
Shengye., 1 book
Yuan Tie, 1 book


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