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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ziyang Zhao, 9 books
Guoguang Wu, 2 books
Daozheng Du, 2 books
Fengming Zong, 2 books
趙紫陽, 2 books
Voice of America (Organization), 1 book
Jiaxiang Wu, 1 book
Jiwei Hu, 1 book
Yang Shu, 1 book
David L. Shambaugh, 1 book
Gao Gao, 1 book
Dongbing Shi, 1 book
Bi Shi, 1 book
Shousen Liu, 1 book
Wei Zhao, 1 book
Weiguo Zhang, 1 book
Jiaxiang Wu, 1 book
Jisheng Yang, 1 book
Guojun Tian, 1 book
Xiaolu Wu, 1 book
Pu Bao, 1 book
Wenbin Cai, 1 book


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