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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Émile Zola, 15 books
Claude Abastado, 5 books
Ida-Marie Frandon, 3 books
Henri Guillemin, 3 books
Franz Foulon, 3 books
Guillemin, Henri., 3 books
Patricia Carles, 3 books
Philip Walker, 3 books
Colette Becker, 3 books
Patrick Brady, 3 books
Marc Bernard, 3 books
Henri Mitterand, 3 books
Elliott Mansfield Grant, 2 books
Philip D. Walker, 2 books
Patrick Brady, 2 books
Rewald, John, 2 books
Guy Robert, 2 books
Nelson, Brian, 2 books
Maurice Descotes, 2 books
Jacques Allard, 2 books
Ernest Alfred Vizetelly, 2 books
Lawson A. Carter, 2 books
Alvaro Lorencini, 2 books
Albert Laborde, 2 books
Guido Bonelli, 2 books


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