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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chris D. Geddes, 6 books
Victor Gold, 6 books
David P. Landau, 5 books
Kaoru Yamanouchi, 5 books
Saul Patai, 5 books
Henri Kagan, 4 books
Fleming, Ian, 4 books
Lawrence J. Berliner, 4 books
Howard Maskill, 4 books
Bharat Bhushan, 4 books
V. Gold, 4 books
J. P. Richard, 4 books
Neil S. Isaacs, 4 books
Bharat Bhushan, 4 books
Raymond Brun, 4 books
Vladimir Isaakovich Minkin, 3 books
I. G. Csizmadia, 3 books
Hanns Fischer, 3 books
John Richard, 3 books
Kurt Binder, 3 books
Arthur Greenberg, 3 books
Winfried Mönch, 3 books
Ralf Vanselow, 3 books
A. C. Knipe, 3 books
Daniel P. Weeks, 3 books


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