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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Valerie Tripp, 48 books
Carl Czerny, 40 books
Louis Köhler, 14 books
S. Schwartz, 12 books
Albert Löschhorn, 11 books
Larry Fine, 9 books
Willard A. Palmer, 9 books
Tobias Matthay, 8 books
Thompson, John, 7 books
Karl Leimer, 6 books
Muzio Clementi, 5 books
Marie Jaëll, 5 books
Stuart Isacoff, 5 books
Marienne Uszler, 5 books
John W. Schaum, 5 books
Charles Hallé, 5 books
Frédéric Chopin, 4 books
Terry Burrows, 4 books
White, William Braid, 4 books
Harriette Brower, 4 books
Isidore Edmond Philipp, 4 books
J. F. Burrowes, 4 books
Jane Smisor Bastien, 4 books
Maurice Hinson, 4 books
Piero Rattalino, 4 books


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