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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas Mann, 9 books
Tony Wood, 2 books
John le Carré, 2 books
Brothers Grimm, 2 books
Bill Gunston, 2 books
Jacob Grimm, 2 books
Tschichold, Jan, 1 book
William Carr, 1 book
Ulrich Cartarius, 1 book
Manvell, Roger, 1 book
Eric Pleasants, 1 book
Markus Zusak, 1 book
Time-Life Books, 1 book
John L. Snell, 1 book
Winfried Hassemer, 1 book
Ernest Kohn Bramsted, 1 book
Judith Kerr, 1 book
Friedrich Nietzsche, 1 book
Richard J. Evans, 1 book
Hans De Beer, 1 book
Fernando Aramburu, 1 book
Peter Zec, 1 book
Damien Lewis, 1 book
Philip Pullman, 1 book
Luz Orihuela, 1 book


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