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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Austin Nursery, 17 books
Kent Conwell, 6 books
Jan Grape, 5 books
Jenkins Company., 5 books
Ramsey's Austin Nursery, 5 books
B. J. Mahler, 4 books
Simon, Michael, 3 books
Carolyn Banks, 3 books
University of Texas, 2 books
Robin Cravey, 2 books
Johnson, Scott A., 2 books
Jeffrey Kerr, 2 books
Smith, Paul, 2 books
Ada DeBlanc Simond, 2 books
August Watkins Harris, 2 books
Young, Mary Sophie, 2 books
Joseph D. Straubhaar, 2 books
Elle James, 2 books
Niyi Afolabi, 2 books
Keith Stelter, 2 books
Jonathan Bober, 2 books
Kathryn Casey, 2 books
Jesse Sublett, 2 books
David M. Olson, 2 books
Blanton Museum of Art, 2 books


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