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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Walter Werbeck, 4 books
Matti Klinge, 3 books
Vinci, Felice, 3 books
Ekkehard Ochs, 3 books
Lutz Winkler, 3 books
Bernd Henningsen, 3 books
Heinz Schön, 3 books
Siegfried Lenz, 3 books
Outi Merisalo, 2 books
Gerhard Eimer, 2 books
Eckert, Gerhard, 2 books
Herbert Jankuhn, 2 books
António Henrique R. de Oliveira Marques, 2 books
Hanno Brand, 2 books
Alan Warwick Palmer, 2 books
Jill Lisk, 2 books
Dominique Venner, 2 books
Mati Õun, 2 books
Henryk Zins, 2 books
Joachim Kremer, 2 books
Zbigniew Karpus, 2 books
Mykolas Michelbertas, 2 books
Pertti Joenniemi, 2 books
Nico Schüler, 2 books
Lennart Bes, 2 books


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