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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Darwin Porter, 12 books
Bermuda Islands., 10 books
Terry Tucker, 8 books
John Smith, 6 books
William Beebe, 5 books
H. Beaumont Small, 5 books
Amy Patricia Meade, 4 books
Lewes Hughes, 4 books
Aspinall, Algernon Edward Sir, 4 books
David F. Raine, 4 books
Joshua Marsden, 4 books
Kennedy, Jean, 3 books
Nellie Eileen Musson, 3 books
W. S. Zuill, 3 books
Silvester Jourdain, 3 books
James Henry Stark, 3 books
Kornicker, Louis S., 3 books
A. E. Verrill, 3 books
Wolfgang Sterrer, 3 books
J. Matthew Jones, 3 books
Richard Pinder, 3 books
Molly Moker, 3 books
Avery S. Hoyt, 3 books
John Smith, 3 books
J. Randolf Williams, 2 books


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