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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roberto S. Mariano, 2 books
Symposium on the Foreign Policy of Atatürk's Turkey, 1923-1983 (1983 Boğaziçi University), 2 books
Cori Vanchieri, 2 books
Victor Gunewardena, 2 books
International Conference on Abstract and Applied Analysis, 2 books
Dharmapriya Wesumperuma, 2 books
International Symposium on Headache in Children and Adolescents (1st 1988 Pavia, Italy), 1 book
Workshop on the Role of Legumes in the Farming Systems of the Mediterranean Areas (1988 Tunis, Tunisia), 1 book
Nat͡sionalni pedagogicheski chetenii͡a (11th 1985? Sofia, Bulgaria?), 1 book
Foro de Consulta Popular para la Planeación Democrática de Salud (1983 Mérida, Mexico), 1 book
Nazrul Islam, 1 book
Seminar on Enhanced Oil Recovery (1983 Dawḥah, Qatar), 1 book
Monkombu Sambasivan Swaminathan, 1 book
West African Languages Congress (15th 1982 University of Port Harcourt), 1 book
International Symposium on Recent Crustal Movements of the Pacific Region (1984 Wellington, N.Z.), 1 book
Congreso Iberoamericano sobre Sociedad, Democracia y Administración (1984 Instituto Nacional de Administración Pública), 1 book
Colloque national des juristes catholiques (6th 1985 Paris, France), 1 book
Staatsrechtconferentie (1985 Rotterdam, Netherlands), 1 book
Ḥalqah al-Dirāsīyah al-Iqlīmīyah (1985 Cairo, Egypt), 1 book
Germ Cell Tumour Conference (2nd 1985 University of Leeds), 1 book
Barbara Z. Presseisen, 1 book
International Penicillium and Aspergillus Workshop (1st 1985 Trippenhuis of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences and letters), 1 book
Jornadas de Estudios sobre la Provincia de Madrid (3rd 1982 Museo de Arte Contemporáneo), 1 book
Jan Szyszko, 1 book
Justin B. Zulu, 1 book


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