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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David M. Glantz, 13 books
Jean Mabire, 9 books
Paul Carell, 7 books
Washburn, Stanley, 6 books
Massimiliano Afiero, 5 books
A. V. Isaev, 5 books
V. V. Beshanov, 5 books
Matveĭ Vaĭnrub, 4 books
Ian Baxter, 4 books
John Erickson, 4 books
Haupt, Werner, 4 books
Karel Richter, 4 books
Erhard Raus, 4 books
Paul Karl Schmidt, 4 books
Marin Kalonkin, 4 books
Rolf Michaelis, 4 books
James Sidney Lucas, 4 books
Steve Zaloga, 4 books
W. Victor Madej, 4 books
A. I. Eremenko, 3 books
Earl Frederick Ziemke, 3 books
I. S. Konev, 3 books
Edmund Ginalski, 3 books
Jürgen Thorwald, 3 books
Christian de La Mazière, 3 books


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