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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kurt Grobecker, 6 books
Hans Meyer-Veden, 5 books
Frank Bajohr, 4 books
Ursula Büttner, 4 books
Hermann Hipp, 4 books
Rainer Postel, 3 books
Franklin Kopitzsch, 3 books
Otto Bender, 3 books
Reinhold Pabel, 3 books
Ralf Busch, 3 books
Richard Linde, 3 books
Adam von Bremen, 3 books
Hamburg., 3 books
Ralf Lange, 3 books
Ulrich Bauche, 3 books
Jürgen Sielemann, 3 books
Roland Jaeger, 3 books
Rita Bake, 3 books
Renate Hauschild-Thiessen, 3 books
Peter Freimark, 2 books
Uwe Bahnsen, 2 books
Carl Vincent Krogmann, 2 books
Hartmut Hohlbein, 2 books
Heinrich Laufenberg, 2 books
Hans-Dieter Loose, 2 books


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