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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
United States, 17 books
Malta., 15 books
Christopher Marlowe, 9 books
Joseph Bonnici, 9 books
Thomas Freller, 8 books
Nicholas De Piro, 8 books
Michael Galea, 8 books
P. Brydone, 6 books
Edward Attard, 5 books
Jeremy Boissevain, 5 books
Rand McNally, 5 books
Italy, 5 books
Joseph Attard, 5 books
Henry Frendo, 5 books
Paul Cassar, 5 books
Peter G. Xuereb, 5 books
Andrew P. Vella, 4 books
Mark Mills, 4 books
Alexander Bonniċi, 4 books
Robert Attard, 4 books
David H. Trump, 4 books
Francesco Balbi, 4 books
A. A. Caruana, 4 books
Salvino Busuttil, 4 books
Carmel Cassar, 4 books


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