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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Vance Randolph, 25 books
Donald Harington, 11 books
Daniel Woodrell, 8 books
Wilson Rawls, 5 books
Larry McMurtry, 4 books
Marguerite Lyon, 3 books
Charles Morrow Wilson, 3 books
Larry Wood, 3 books
Leonard Hall, 3 books
Pamela Morsi, 3 books
Donald R. Kurz, 3 books
Harold Bell Wright, 3 books
Hannah Alexander, 3 books
Radine Trees Nehring, 3 books
Bruce A. Raisch, 2 books
Ronald Bird, 2 books
Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, 2 books
Fred Starr, 2 books
Virginia Whitman, 2 books
Edgar E. Hulse, 2 books
Sue Hubbell, 2 books
Ellis, J. Breckenridge, 2 books
Charlaine Harris, 2 books
Wayman Hogue, 2 books
James C. Petersen, 2 books


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