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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nanami Shiono, 5 books
Steven Saylor, 4 books
Michael Grant, 3 books
William Shakespeare, 3 books
Plutarch, 2 books
Tom Holland, 2 books
Valerio Manfredi, 2 books
Josef Nyáry, 1 book
Margaret Killingray, 1 book
A. H. M. Jones, 1 book
Gaetano de Sanctis, 1 book
Catherine E. Chambers, 1 book
Matt Doeden, 1 book
Caroline Lawrence, 1 book
Simon Scarrow, 1 book
Andrew Melrose, 1 book
Otto Kiefer, 1 book
Holland, Richard, 1 book
Wolfgang Helbig, 1 book
Luc Brisson, 1 book
Jane Shuter, 1 book
Brian Brown, 1 book
Bill Myers, 1 book
Don Nardo, 1 book
Victor Duruy, 1 book


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