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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zhengming Zhang, 5 books
Jiansheng Liu, 5 books
Liping Sun, 5 books
Baoku Wang, 4 books
Wang, Feng., 3 books
Taihang ge ming gen ju di shi zong bian wei hui, 3 books
Li, Ji., 2 books
Mu, Xin, 2 books
Lü, Rizhou., 2 books
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, 2 books
Jian'guo Zhang, 2 books
Changxin Wang, 2 books
Qianhou Yue, 2 books
Jianhui Huang, 2 books
Jiesheng An, 2 books
Shanxi Sheng bo wu guan (Taiyuan, Shanxi Sheng, China), 2 books
Qitian Chen, 2 books
Rongda Zhao, 2 books
Fucheng Chen, 2 books
Yuchuan Tian, 2 books
Linping Xue, 2 books
Keyi Lu, 2 books
Weichen Shen, 2 books
Xianming Wang, 2 books
Weiling Fan, 2 books


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