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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Lockhart Jack, 9 books
South Australia., 5 books
South Australia. Geological Dept., 5 books
Dean Jaensch, 5 books
W. V. Preiss, 4 books
Colin Thiele, 4 books
R. Torrens, 4 books
Andrew Guy Peake, 4 books
Charles Sturt, 3 books
J. F. Drexel, 3 books
Paul Depasquale, 3 books
L. Keith Ward, 3 books
Robert K. Johns, 3 books
Cliff Goddard, 3 books
Alan L. Bundy, 3 books
Arnold D. Hunt, 3 books
P. F. Donovan, 3 books
Rob Linn, 3 books
Susan Magarey, 3 books
Stewart Cockburn, 3 books
Ronald H. Parsons, 3 books
John McConnell Black, 3 books
Edwin Hodder, 3 books
Ian Auhl, 2 books
Alison Carroll, 2 books


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