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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ren'an Wu, 2 books
Shilin Liu, 2 books
Zehua Gong, 2 books
Bingzhao Jiang, 2 books
Jiewei Ma, 2 books
Yisan Ruan, 2 books
Chunming Wu, 2 books
Hualin Nie, 2 books
Celia Downward, 2 books
Zhiping Chen, 2 books
Jianyi Lu, 2 books
Shaohua Hu, 2 books
Baiyue min zu shi yan jiu hui. Nian hui, 2 books
Yue-man Yeung, 2 books
Harry Alverson Franck, 1 book
Liu, Feng., 1 book
Ou, Daren, 1 book
Chen, Jiang., 1 book
Wang, Tie., 1 book
Wang, Ningsheng, 1 book
Wu, Zheng., 1 book
Wang, Bingting., 1 book
Jianfa Shen, 1 book
Burton Holmes, 1 book
C. Y. Cyrus Chu, 1 book


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