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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael Jecks, 12 books
Mary Wesley, 11 books
W. J. Burley, 5 books
Susan B. Kelly, 5 books
Robertson, James, 5 books
Laurie Lee, 4 books
Janet Laurence, 4 books
Laurence, Janet., 3 books
Eden Phillpotts, 2 books
Richard John Hutchings, 2 books
William Angus Knight, 2 books
Annabel Dilke, 2 books
William Wordsworth, 2 books
Oliver Berry, 2 books
Dexter Dias, 2 books
Robert W. Dunning, 2 books
Ian R. MacLeod, 2 books
Keith Branigan, 2 books
Robert Higham, 2 books
Tom Mayberry, 2 books
S. H. Burton, 2 books
Peter Titchmarsh, 2 books
F. A. H. Bloemendal, 1 book
Skinner, John, 1 book
Theodora FitzGibbon, 1 book


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