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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
H. Humbert, 177 books
Benjamin Lincoln Robinson, 101 books
Missouri Botanical Garden, 77 books
Charles Darwin, 49 books
Carl Linnaeus, 47 books
Xiao jiang nan, 32 books
Aiken Nurseries, 26 books
George D. Aiken (Firm), 23 books
Magnolia Seed Company, 22 books
Walter Deane, 19 books
Asa Gray, 18 books
Carl von Linné, 18 books
H. Baillon, 15 books
Christangelos Seferiadis, 15 books
Fulgenzio Vitman, 14 books
Marseille. Musée Colonial, 14 books
Frans Antonie Stafleu, 12 books
MacDougal, Daniel Trembly, 11 books
Nathaniel Britton, 11 books
John Lindley, 11 books
L. H. Bailey, 11 books
Torrey, John, 11 books
Paul Tobin, 11 books
Elmer Drew Merrill, 10 books
Carl Peter Thunberg, 10 books


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